Cool Tools with Bernie Schultz

Cool Tools with Bernie Schultz

Cool Tools with Bernie Schultz


If you go through miles of fishing line like I do, you’ll like this unique product. It’s called theSpoolin Buddy.

Basically, the Spoolin Buddy is a triangular shaped frame that supports up to three dowels, each of which is designed to hold multiple spools of line. And there’s almost no limitation on spool size. It can handle small filler spools all the way up to 3,000-yard bulk spools.

Spoolin Buddy

Company owner, Butch Morris developed this unique “line caddy” years ago, constructing the original models from wood. More recently, he’s found high-grade plastic to be more practical and durable. Now he offers five models, each of which can hold varying numbers of spools.

I love mine. Now I never have to worry about finding the right spool of line or wonder whether or not I have enough. With a Spoolin Buddy, I can see exactly what I have at a glance.

On one dowel I place multiple spools of the same line type (such as fluorocarbon) in graduating increments—6-pound, 8-pound, 10-pound, 12-pound-test and so on. On the next dowel I do the same, but with braid. And on the third dowel I stack graduating spools of regular mono.

Because of the Spoolin Buddy’s triangular shape, it serves perfectly as a stable support bracket anytime I need to spool up. No more chasing spools of line around the boat or having to ask a friend to help. Everything is self-contained.

At over $100 for the larger sizes, the Spoolin Buddy may not be the cheapest tool on the list, but it still ranks high in practical application. You can purchase one on their website.

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