Cool Tools with Bernie Schultz

Cool Tools with Bernie Schultz


If you go through miles of fishing line like I do, you’ll like this unique product. It’s called theSpoolin Buddy.

Basically, the Spoolin Buddy is a triangular shaped frame that supports up to three dowels, each of which is designed to hold multiple spools of line. And there’s almost no limitation on spool size. It can handle small filler spools all the way up to 3,000-yard bulk spools.

Spoolin Buddy

Company owner, Butch Morris developed this unique “line caddy” years ago, constructing the original models from wood. More recently, he’s found high-grade plastic to be more practical and durable. Now he offers five models, each of which can hold varying numbers of spools.

I love mine. Now I never have to worry about finding the right spool of line or wonder whether or not I have enough. With a Spoolin Buddy, I can see exactly what I have at a glance.

On one dowel I place multiple spools of the same line type (such as fluorocarbon) in graduating increments—6-pound, 8-pound, 10-pound, 12-pound-test and so on. On the next dowel I do the same, but with braid. And on the third dowel I stack graduating spools of regular mono.

Because of the Spoolin Buddy’s triangular shape, it serves perfectly as a stable support bracket anytime I need to spool up. No more chasing spools of line around the boat or having to ask a friend to help. Everything is self-contained.

At over $100 for the larger sizes, the Spoolin Buddy may not be the cheapest tool on the list, but it still ranks high in practical application. You can purchase one on their website.

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Spoolin Buddy on Wired Two Fish

Reviewd by Wired 2 Fish

The Spoolin Buddy

I first saw one of these about five years ago on Shaw Grigsby’s front deck when we were rigging up to do some filming for Wired2fish. At the time the units were hard to find, but now you can find them at TackleWarehouse and other retailers.

Basically it’s a system of spooling stations depending on how much line you need to store and keep handy for your fishing. Some angler might just have 4 or 5 filler spools of line while others might have 15 spools of bulk line. Luckily anglers can find small Spoolin Buddies and larger capacity Spoolin Buddies. They make them that hold 8 300-yard filler spools or ones that hold a whopping 15 2,000-yard bulk spools.


Assembly of the 12-unit Spoolin Buddy I bought from took about 10-minutes from unboxing to filling with spools. There are 12 square-bits screws with an included key that quickly screw the 5 pieces of the frame together. Then three long rods are passed through one side and twisted onto a bolt on the other side to form the spool holders.


I put 8 bulk spools on two of the rods and a bunch of filler spools on the third rod. I ended up not really liking that many filler spools on one rod. It was a little cumbersome if the line wrapped off the spool and got around the rod. You can alleviate that by pushing spools together, which also gives you great tension when spooling. But the bulk spools on these bigger Spoolin Buddies is definitely the optimal configuration. I bet one of the smaller ones would be much better suited for the filler spools.



You can put the enclosed stickers on the side plates and write the pound test of the spool and type on them so you know what line you’re spooling on in advance. Or you can get your own decals. You can keep the line in order by buying velcro strips to wrap around the spools to keep the line from unwinding when not in use. I just tie my spools off with a simple arbor knot.

I found that when spooling line off the Spooling buddy that if you take and push the other spools on that rod tight against the spool you’re spooling, you get pretty good line tension as you spool.

It works great and is very efficient for spooling up a bunch of rods quickly and neatly. I like that it has a handle on the side so I can grab it off my work bench in the garage and carry it out to the boat and spool up in my boat.

I obviously go through a lot of line testing lines for companies before release, review various new fishing lines for articles and of course fishing 100-150 days a year. So the larger 12-unit Spoolin Buddy was more to my liking for a large number of big spools.

The units vary in price from $64.95 to $129.95 depending on how many spools you want to manage. You can find them at or their website,


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Featured in Bassmaster

Spoolin Buddy Featured By Bassmaster


Spoolin Buddy was recently featured by in an article written by David Hunter Jones, goes on to outline the features of the Spoolin Buddy and offers his take on the Spoolin Buddy

The smaller four-spool unit holds four bulk spools, but tons of smaller filler spools. Five, 12- and 15-spool units available. Elite Series pros Zell Rowland and Bernie Schultz each carry a 15-spool unit around with them.

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