Spoolin Buddy Jr. 4 Unit – $84.95


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Spoolin Buddy Jr. 4 Unit – $84.95

Do you have spools of line scattered about your boat, truck, or garage? If so, meet your new best friend – the Spoolin Buddy Jr. – 4 Unit. The Spoolin Buddy Jr. – 4 Unit features a compact design that doesn’t take up much space. Featuring and sturdy, durable construction, the Spoolin Buddy Jr. – 4 Unit is easy to transport and allows you to keep your unorganized spools of line in one neat, easy-to-use, portable spooling station. Whether you’re buying in bulk or you just want to tidy-up your spools of line in your garage or home, the Spoolin Buddy comes in a wide-range of sizes that are sure to fit all of your storage needs.

Please Note:

-4-unit Jr model stores 4 bulk spools of line from 1000 to 3000 yards.
-All hardware included
-Some assembly required